The project embodies the idea of a series of jewelry pieces which reflect the light, fulfilling most women's desire to be seen. Glowing jellyfish served as inspiration for the shapes and its strived to reflect the jellyfish's sense of mystique, futuristic energy and minimalism. During the work process the goal was to clean the form as much as possible, leaving only the essential, while impaling the underlying inspiration.

Photographer – Zlatimir Arakliev Model – Iva Iankulova at Ivet Fashion MA
Magma Skin

Photographer – Zlatimir Arakliev Stylist – Nikolay Pachev
Hair and Make up Artist – Slav
at Max Factor Bulgaria
Models – Alexandria and Gloria Dimitrova
at Ivet Fashion Model Agency
Location – Beta House Sofia

Collaboration with Francesca Marotta AW2013

Photographer – Zlatimir Arakliev Stylist – Nikolay Pachev
Hair And Make up – Slav Anastasov
at Maxfactor
Model - Didi Maximova at Ivet Fashion MA
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Today's issue recycling

There is a country of newspapers, which pretends to update people with information. However, ultimately, you would not like to be informed.

Photographer – Vesselin Nickolov
Model – Gloria at Ivet Fashion MA
Swarovski Elements Project
ITS 2012

The inspiration behind this project are my national folklore and culture, as well as the colors and pattern used in the national costumes and textiles. These have always been inspired by and symbolized various aspects of nature, which has been a driving force since my nation exists.

Photographer – Zlatimir Arakliev
Make up – Julie Liubenova
Model – Michaela at Ivet Fashion MA

Photographer – Zlatimir Arakliev Style and garments – Mila Ateva
Make up – Greta Velikova
Model - Rose Marie at Ivet Fashion MA

Photographer – Plamena Koeva
Hair and Make Up – Michaela Kovacheva
Model – Iva Iankulova at Ivet Fashion MA
Garments – KNAPP

Swatch Award ITS 2013
Falling in love with S – Jewelry

A story about two souls, with a beginning and no end. They find each other in a universe of chaos and clutter. Escaping from it by disconnecting, they connect into a parallel world of their own. The piece has three different functions and it is made of PVC components which allowed the wearer to change its forms. Among those components there is an earring and a ring, which when detached function as separate jewelry pieces.

Photographer – Zlatimir Arakliev
Hair – Georgi Petkov
Make up – Nadia Sivkova
Model – Gia at Ivet Fashion MA
Born in 1989. Based in Zurich.
Designer who works in the fields of body objects, jewellery, watches and fashion accessories.
2012 BA degree at The National Academy of Arts, Department of Metal and Jewellery Design in the class of Dimitar Delchev.
2010 Professional course at The National Academy of Arts, Fashion department, in the class of Mariela Gemisheva.
Solo exhibitions:
2012 “Be Visible”, jewellery objects and multimedia, Anima gallery, Sofia
2011 “White and white”, Jewellery objects at Sfumato Theatre, Sofia, curated by Mariela Gemisheva
Exhibitions and showcase:
2015 Showcased at at Agence Seba Demian, collaboration Huber Egloff, Paris
2014 Showcased at Detailor concept store, Sofia
2014 Showcased at Maryam Nassir Zadeh Showroom , New York
2013 Showcased at Restir Digital showroom, Osaka
2012/2013 Showcased at Detailor, Sofia
2012/2013 International Talent Support, Trieste
2012 London Fashion Week, collaboration with Francesca Marotta, London
2011 Milan gallery, Warsaw
Competitions and Awards:
2013 Swatch Award at International Talent Support
2012/2013 Finalist at International Talent Support
2010 Converse creative contest
Featured in magazines and platforms such as: LOVE, DAZED, VOGUE Gioiello, NYLON, WWD, WeAr, BRAVA CASA,, Vogue Talents, VICE, ect.
Thanks to:
Dimitar Delchev - prof. of Jewelry Design at The National Academy of Arts, Sofia
Zlatimir Arakliev - photographer/creative director
Iva Iankulova - model/artist
Anni Becheva - architect
Mariela Gemisheva - fashion designer and tutor at FAC/ NAA
Adriana Gerasimova - creative director at Addminimal Creative Studio
Antonia Yordanova - designer and fashion editor at Elle/ Knapp
Boyan Spassov - print designer and editing
Francesca Marotta - fashion designer at Pop PR
Georgi Petkov - hair stylist at The Snakes
Martina Jelezova - web developer
Nikolay Pachev - fashion designer and stylist at NP
Slav Anastasov - make-up and hair stylist at Max Factor/12 magazine
Ivan Popov - video editor
Julie Liubenova - make-up stylist
Nadya Sivkova - make-up stylist
Vesselin Nickolov - photographer
Sandra Klincheva - stylist and tutor at NBU
Beyond Sofia
Dian Dinev - head booker at IVET FASHION MA
Barbara Franchin and ITS Family