Founded in Zurich in 2019, Bulgarian-born designer Milko Boyarov values a handcrafted approach to jewelry-making that combines traditional, self-developed, and contemporary techniques. Referencing the viscosity of liquid and how it takes shape around the body, Milko Boyarov's sculptural jewelry pieces are like fluids captured in a snapshot moment. His one-of-a-kind pieces are individually handcrafted in his Lisbon studio. Additionally, the brand collaborates with jewelry studios both in Lisbon and Porto. Milko Boyarov’s work has been featured in magazines such as Dazed, Vogue, and Purple, and worn by artists like Doja Cat, Arca, Sevdaliza, Jorja Smith, and others. His jewelry pieces are stocked in concept stores globally, including H. Lorenzo, LNCC, Allure, Edition Populaire, and elsewhere.

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